Awesome: A Show of Joy and Hope

An Online Exhibition sponsored by Southern Tier Center for Emerging Artists (STCEA)
Deadline For Submissions: December 15, 2023
Show Dates: January 1 - January 31, 2023

Eligibility: International artists age 16+
All styles and mediums welcome

Entry Fee: $30 for up to 3 entries; maximum 3 entries
Charitable Contributions:
 All proceeds benefit The Project for Awesome (

Awards: Best in Show (Cash Prize), Awards of Distinction, Artists' Choice, People's Choice Awards

Show Prospectus

This exhibit is your chance to show us the people, creatures, places, and things that bring you joy and hope. Awesome: A Show of Joy + Hope is a sanctuary of optimism, where visitors can immerse themselves in a world where anything is possible, and where the beauty of the human spirit shines brilliantly. It's a celebration of the simple pleasures, the unbreakable bonds, and the unwavering belief in a brighter future—a testament to the transformative power of art to uplift and inspire.

All subjects, styles, and mediums are welcome.

ALL proceeds will benefit The Project for Awesome (, where online creators donate to a variety of charities that "decrease world suck."

A Best in Show (cash prize) and Awards of Distinction will be awarded to the works of highest artistic merit based on technical skill, creativity, innovation, and adherence to theme. An Artists' Choice and People's Choice award will also be selected based on popular vote.

With the option to submit up to three entries for just $30, this is an affordable and accessible way to increase your art's visibility. So why not submit your work today and see where it can take you?

About Southern Tier Center for Emerging Artists (STCEA)

STCEA provides a safe space for you to build creative confidence. Our affordable exhibition entry fees allow you to submit and have your work evaluated through a competitive juried show process that is welcoming to art students, new and emerging artists, and seasoned artists alike.

Having your work displayed in an international juried show is a great way to boost your artistic presence, increase sales, and build your exhibition portfolio for future show opportunities, gallery representation, or entrance to MFA programs - or just for fun and personal growth!

Our online exhibits are good for the environment and your pocketbook - you save shipping fees and artwork preparation costs as your work is professionally displayed in an online gallery with shareable links for your website and social media feeds.

Plus, you can direct viewers to your online shop, where you’ll keep 100% of the proceeds for any artwork sold through exposure from an STCEA exhibit.

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